An artificial reality, by Carol Braddick

Coaching is becoming democratised and our tech is enabling it. Could digital coaches eventually replace human ones? Carol Braddick discusses an alternative future. An article written by Carol Braddick, published in Coaching at Work (31.08.2017) Continue reading


Coaching in VR

 With VR headsets such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive – as well as more affordable headsets, for instance GearVR – becoming available for commercial use, VR immersive experiences are finally becoming more accessible. It is not unprecedented that VR technology is beginning to be … Continue reading

How can writing be used effectively in online coaching practice?

In today’s digital world, technology provides many opportunities for communicating online. Integrating online communication in face to face coaching offers several advantages, as it enables increased contact frequency, strong engagement and helps the development goal to stay top-of-mind. On the … Continue reading

Online course in coaching through modern media

A new free online course with the title “Coaching through modern media” is currently offered by Prof. Dr. Harald Geißler in cooperation with the Helmut-Schmidt University (Hamburg). This course – available on UTube –  offers a thorough overview and interesting … Continue reading

October 2014 – Themes

A dissertation on web-based coaching by Yuriy Taranovych. A doctoral dissertation by Yuriy Taranovych with the title “Web Based Project Coaching: Requirements, Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Online Coaching Services” was completed in 2011 and was published in 2013. The … Continue reading

E-coaching Community: What have we learnt over 2 years?

Our LinkedIn community ‘E-coaching: A dialogue between practitioners and researchers’ has existed for 2 years. It has grown to nearly 800 members who represent over 40 different countries. The community consists of 6 new sub-forums: CoachMaster™ forum CoachingSpaces forum Covocative … Continue reading

June 2014- Themes: The benefits of written communication

The articles that were shared in our e-coaching community this month referred to the use of web-based written communication in therapy and coaching. The benefits of written communication according to these articles may be summarized as: Flexibility: the client can … Continue reading