September 2012 Themes

1. ONLINE COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE AROUND E-COACHING: This will be a learning community for e-coaching practitioners and researchers, aiming to foster collaboration, exchange of ideas and insights, refine best practices and produce collective knowledge.

2. TECHNOLOGY: Suggestions for virtual coaching technology included:

a. Webex and Gotomeeting

b. Technology recommendations included in the article “The Power of Virtual Coaching” by M. L. Rock, N. P. Zigmond, G. & R.A. Gable, Educational Leadership Journal, October 2011 , Vol 69 (2),Pages 42-48.

3. CULTURE: E-coaching provides the opportunity to connect to clients, regardless of geographic proximity, thus potentially connecting to clients from more culturally diverse backgrounds. It is therefore, important for an e-coach to be aware of, and have an understanding of clients´ cultural values and attitudes.

4. MENTORING: “The fit mentor”- utube video from Michael Heath´s book.

5. Information that was shared this month also included:

a. Research: Building an assessment matrix for virtual coaching: Master thesis by Bev Hancock.

b. Online resources for coaches, with the options to set up questionnaires and create a series of coaching modules.

c. Institute of coaching: A link to the website of this non-profit organization, supporting coaches and researchers .

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