What we learned over the period of 5 months – posted in December2012-January 2013 on linkedin

Pile of Lightbulbs1. Structured e-coaching formats.
a) Coachmaster, developed by Bob Griffiths. This format offers a pool of web-based questions to be used by the coach in combination with Skype or telephone coaching.
b) The E-coaching format developed by Prof. Harald Geissler. This is a telephone coaching program combined with web-based pre-prepared questions. The questions guide the coachee throughout the process and enhance telephone coaching sessions by adding structure.

2. Tools for e-coaching.
Face Pattern Recognition, a tool to enhance e-coaching practice. By Naomi Tickle

3. Factors for choosing a medium.
These include: a) sensory/ learning preferences, b) time, c) familiarity with medium, d) type of coaching issue.

4. Impacting factors for the coach-coachee relationship.
a) Language use: i) clear language to minimize misinterpretation, ii) descriptive language, metaphors, iii) “audio visuals”.
b) Motivation of the client, coach´s skill, frequency of interaction, user-friendly media.

5. E-Mentoring.
Mentoring platforms consist of a) Information on how mentoring can benefit individuals and what types of mentoring exist, b) online learning, i.e. courses/ learning materials, c) mentor matching tool, to profile & match mentors and mentees, d)ongoing learning and support, e)structured forums for ongoing learning.

6. Research on e-coaching.
a) Bev Hancock´s research focuses on developing an assessment matrix for virtual coaching. This research is investigating what goes on in a virtual coaching session, whether technologies like Skype, Vsee etc. are sufficient to pick up visual cues and what other ways can we find to pick them up, such as enhanced sensitivity to language. Additionally, how to learn to observe non-verbal cues in e-coaching.
b) The research team led by Prof. Harald Geissler is exploring coach & coachee´s experiences in telephone coaching with additional web-based support. Web-based support is provided through a set of pre-prepared web-based questions, which clients answer in written form. These questions guide the coaching process and provide a visual element to the coaching session, thus, complement the verbal cues in telephone coaching. The research team is collecting data from audio-recorded coaching sessions and screenshots of the coachees´ written answers. Additionally, semi-structured interviews are carried out by members of the team with the coach and coachee. So far results are showing positive experiences with this blended coaching program and perceived effectiveness of coaching by both parties.
c) Chris Jones´study investigated whether the experience of virtual coaching can be equally good as face to face. Client evaluations and feedback of coaching experience through Skype were positive.

7. Articles
i. “Online mentoring and computer-mediated communication:New directions in research”, Ensher, E.A., Heun, C. & Blanchard, A.
ii. “E-Coaching: Using New Technology to Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders”,M. Goldsmith
iii. „Expressing Emotion in Text-based Communication“, Hancock, J.T., Landrigan, C., Silver, C
iv. “Technology- Enhanced Coaching”, Labardee, L.
v. “Virtual Mentoring: The Challenges and Opportunities of Electronically-Mediated Formal Mentor Programs”, M.G. Zey
vi. “Coaching vs. Mentoring”, Fankhauser, M.
vii. -“AskMax.co.uk.Web-Based Mentoring”Prof. Angus McLeod.
viii. -“Virtual Coach and Mentor Supervision”.Edna Murdoch
viiii. “E-Coaching – an overview of 7 new coaching formats” and “What does Coaching through Modern Media Really Mean?”, Prof. H.Geissler
i. „The Fit Mentor: An Introduction to Mentoring“,M. Heath
ii. E-coaching sessions , B.Griffiths

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