February 2013 Themes

E-coaching in general: coaching that is not face to face, but technology mediated.

In order to focus on the intricacies and challenges posed by different coaching media, we can categorize e-coaching according to:
– Synchronous/asynchronous
– Voice-based/ Voice and video/ written (email, IM) communication
– Basic media (tel., video, email)and additional tools (VR and virtual simulation tools).
Some suggestions for discussions in this group: how to make communication effective by using a given technology, constructing and sustaining a good virtual relationship, how to develop e-coaching skills, ethics for e-coaching..

2) SHIFTING TOWARDS E-COACHING: The report on executive coaching by Sherpa Coaching indicates the shifts in service delivery.
Members of this group use:
– Phone / Skype
– Phone / Webex
– Phone / email
Members of this group using these media report:
+ generally positive results, clients progress quickly, coach gets quickly deep into client´s situation, intimacy, skype may enhance the coaching process.
-Challenges include boundary issues, being “present” when not physically there, sometimes less commitment to virtual sessions compared to f2f, negotiating the ground rules.


a. VIRTUAL COACHING AND MENTORING: Authors N.Ghods and C. Boyce in their article “Virtual Coaching and Mentoring” recommend selecting a virtual modality that matches the client´s needs. In: The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Coaching and Mentoring.

b. EXECUTIVE EDUCATION IS READY FOR ONLINE DISRUPTION: The article “Executive Education is ready for Online Disruption” by M.T. Hansen:
Points that we discussed:
-Explicit and tacit knowledge don´t have to be separate
-The teacher or facilitator using the program does not have to have the same level of understanding
-Time & cost efficiency, and technology advancements, are good reasons for education, as well as coaching to be carried out online
-Online relationships are effective when the technology that is used is suited to the client´s needs

c. A BRAVE NEW WORLD: COACHING ONLINE: article by K. Anthony & D. Nagel.

d. LPS COCOON: In her article, Christiane Grabow presents LPS Cocoon, a virtual simulation tool for e-coaching.

4) E-LEARNING PLATFORMS: Does anyone know any robust e-learning platforms apart from Moodle?

5) EVENTS: The Karlsruhe Institute for Coaching is organizing an event around the topic
e-coaching on March 15th.

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