April 2013 Themes

1) Telephone and Skype coaching

Most members in our linkedin group appear to use telephone and/ or Skype in their coaching practice. Advantages of these modalities and essential skills which members have referred to lately were the following:

a. Advantages.

  • more focus
  • more “disclosure”
  • intimacy
  • lack of visual ” distractions”

b. Essential skills.

  • enhanced and attentive listening
  • use of imagery and metaphors
  • vivid language
  • focus on tone of voice and silence

2) Virtual coaching vs. e-coaching

According to the report on virtual coaching written by Claudia Filsinger,

the term “ virtual coaching” involves telephone, skype, IM, video conferencing and email.

However, the term “e-coaching” only includes internet-based technology.

3) Further education programs and certification for virtual coaches

The Karlsruhe Institute for Coaching (KIC) will be offering from May 2013 further education programs for coaching practitioners who wish to receive virtual coach certification. Programs will be available in english and german and they will soon be offered virtually. More details to follow.

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