May 2013 Themes

challengeAmong the  challenges of being a coach were reported to be:

  • Finding new clients

  • Making sure that people pay

  • Managing the expectations of what a coach does in the minds of coachees

  • Managing the time of sessions

  • Mindfulness

  • Progress evaluation.

In regard to evaluating the client´s progress , the article written by Michael Heath is of relevance ( ) as it refers to the training evaluation methodology employed by Donald L Kirkpatrick:

  • Level 1 – Reaction: What they thought and felt about the training
  • Level 2 – Learning: The resulting increase in knowledge or capability
  • Level 3 – Behaviour:  The extent of behaviour and capability improvement and implementation
  • Level 4 – Results: The effects on the business or environment resulting from the trainee’s performance

And as Michael suggests, this method can be adapted to coaching:

  • Level 1 – Reaction: How the coachee felt about the coaching experience

 -Post-coaching evaluation form

-Anecdotal feedback by the coachee to the coach

  • Level 2 – Awareness: The measurement of the increase in awareness- before and after

-Assessments before and after the coaching intervention

  • Level 3 – Behaviour: The extent to which the coachee’s behaviour changed in the workplace or environment

-Peer or 360 degree feedback

-Observation and interview

  • Level 4 – Results: The effect on the business or environment by the coachee

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