E-coaching community: What have we learnt in a year?- Theme 5: E-mentoring

meetE-mentoring was another one of the themes for discussion in our e-coaching community. Members shared relevant articles and information about e-mentoring platforms. A summary of the information we gathered on this topic is provided below.

“The fit mentor: An introduction to mentoring”

A video by Michael Heath, which was shared in our e-coaching group.

What are the objectives of e-mentoring platforms? 


According to our members, objectives of e-mentoring platforms may be:

  • To develop an understanding of what mentoring is and how it might benefit individuals 
  • To allow access and gain experience of high impact online learning and become certified as a “mentor” and/or “mentee” 
  • To find and select a mentor through a matching space 
  • To build a Community of Practice amongst members where they can engage in discussion, feedback and learning forums 
  • To provide access to ongoing learning materials to support individuals´ mentoring journey

Which features do e-mentoring platforms include?

features 2

 E-mentoring platforms, according to our members, may include:

  • Information about how mentoring will benefit mentees
  • Information about the different types of mentoring available
  • Online learning, i.e. courses and learning materials
  • Mentors´ profiles and a matching tool to match mentors and mentees
  • Ongoing learning and support
  • Structured forums to develop ongoing engagement and learning

E-mentoring platformsmentoring

Two e-mentoring platforms were introduced to our e-coaching group:

i) Coaching Cloud

CoachingCloud (www.coachingcloud.com) is an online platform for both, mentors and coaches. The platform supports clients between sessions, helping them to manage their goals, activities and outcomes.


ii) AskMax

AskMax (http://angusmcleod.com/exec-coaching/ask-max/) is an e-mentoring product, which supports  teams of executives to improve performance, clear up issues, and change. As Prof. Angus McLeod shared in our group:

We found that many executives were able to become more efficient at work because they had to put their immediate issue into a written form that would make sense to others. That process alone, helped them to off-load and concentrate again on their real work”

Relevant literature


McLeod, A. ( 2010). AskMax.co.uk.Web-Based Mentoring. In Clutterbuck, D. & Hussein, Z. (eds) Virtual Coach, Virtual Mentor,Charlotte, NC: Information Age Pub.

Zey, M.G. (2011) Virtual Mentoring: The Challenges and Opportunities of Electronically-Mediated Formal Mentor Programs, Montclair State University, Montclair. 

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