December 2013 Themes

As we´re approaching the end of 2013, new additions to our e-coaching knowledge base this month include: a) the CAI e-coaching tool, b) an update of our list of e-coaching tools and c) the by our member Bogumił Stecki.

features 2

a) The Karlsruhe Institute for Coaching (KIC)  is offering coaching for organizations, teams and individuals by adopting a systemic, solution-focused approach and by using an innovative e-coaching system – CAI ( Cyber Anthropoethic Intelligence). The 3 elements of the program – cyber, anthropoethic, intelligence – reveal the principles of the institute: to offer intelligent and client-centered (anthropos= person) solutions and to use technology to facilitate coaching, that is independent of location and time. The e-coaching program encompasses various tools, synchronous and asynchronous, such as telephone, email, video communication, instant chat and avatar-based 3D worlds.

CAIAside from virtual coaching for individuals, teams and self-coaching, the institute is also offering professional e-coach training programs to prepare coaches for working in virtual environments.


b) With the tools i) CAI, as mentioned above, and ii) CoachAccountable , our E-Coaching Knowledge Base has so far documented 17 different tools for e-coaching. Read our updated list in the post E-Coaching community- What have we learnt in a year? – Theme 3: E-coaching tools

These tools can be divided into 4 distinct categories:

I) Text-based tools, which can be used in combination with phone,  or video communication.

II) Virtual reality platforms and simulation tools, also used in conjuction with telephone or Skype.

III) Supporting platforms that offer a range of resources to facilitate the management of the e-coaching process, such as visualization tools for clients´ progress, reminders, notes, document sharing.

IV) Other tools, which may not be specifically designed for e-coaching purposes, but which can also be used to facilitate or enrich the e-coaching process, such as Face Pattern Recognition.



c) Our new group member Bogumił Stecki is a self-actualization coach, founder of the and currently looking for a marketing co-founder.

The project focuses on the creation of e-coaching programs using audio/video recordings and charts to visualise clients’ answers. Relating to the project, the following topics are of interest to Bogumil:

1. Various coaching methods and tools, 2. How coaching process varies for different personality types? Clients with what personality types seek coaching more often than others?, 3. Which people prefer one-on-one coaching and which ones on-line applications?”


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