March 2014-Themes

The role of e-coaching platforms in enhancing the knowledge flow within organizations and improving team and organizational performance.


In the article “Using Technology to Boost Performance” , Ahrend, G., Diamond, F. & Webber, P.G. ( Chief Learning Officer – July 2010, pp.44-47)  predicted that as technology evolves, e-coaching will increasignly gain acceptance as an approach to enhancing performance in organizations. Ahrend,  Diamond, & Webber (2010) envisioned that technology platforms for coaching, learning and collaborating would become more integrated in the future, and the combination of technology with the human touch will be an invaluable way of improving organizational communication and performance.

These predictions are confirmed by an interesting blogpost written by Katja Shipperheijn “From data repository to social collaboration and bridging the knowledge gap”  (March 2014) and posted in the Habit of Improvement, which explained how e-coaching, informal learning and social collaboration can become integrated into one platform to facilitate knowledge flow and to improve performance within organizations.

The idea of integrating e-coaching with learning and collaborating is embodied in a new platform developed by Katja Shipperheijn and Dr.Matt Poepsel.  The LearnScape can be seen as a learning eco-system or  hub for learning and managing performance that combines e-coaching with social collaboration and knowledge sharing. E-coaching involves completing coaching assignments and exercises, capturing notes and tracking progress. Knowledge sharing and collaboration are facilitated through the use of apps, such as wikis, blogs, file sharing, discussion forums and microblogs.

puzzle a

CoachingSpaces by DelighteX


CoachingSpaces is an e-coaching tool created by DelighteX, a Munich-based company creating software for therapy and coaching (founder Eugene Belyaev). The tool is intended for creating virtual constellations. Through this tool clients can transform their thoughts to visible, three-dimensional representations by creating virtual constellations of figures and objects. The avatars can be given a posture and speech statements and constellations can be discussed via instant chat or video with the coach. The tool is currently in Beta phase and available for free trials.coaching spaces



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