May 2014 Themes

1. The new sub-groups of the LinkedIn community: “E-coaching: A dialogue between researchers and practitioners”

The LinkedIn community: “E-coaching: A dialogue between researchers and practitioners”  now has 4 sub-groups:

The main aim of these sub-groups is to discuss best practices, experiences, questions for the use of the respective tools for both, existing and potential users. Two of these sub-groups, Virtual Coaching (VC) and JournalEngine have already started discussions. A summary of these follows in the next two sections respectively.

2. Virtual Coaching / Virtuelles Coaching (VC) forum

The moderator of this sub-group, Dr. Monika Levinson has provided a description about the Virtual Coaching (VC) Tool . The tool was developed by Prof. Geissler and it is now available in german and english.  As Dr. Levinson mentions, the tool provides a highly structured methodology and allows to work with clients on a variety of coaching topics and needs.

Important advantages of VC:

  • Versatility: Quoting Dr. Monika Levinson “one of the strengths of the tool lies in its versatility, e.g., applicability for individual contributors, managers, or leaders in organizations as well as for people with challenges in their personal life“.
  • Compatibility: A pilot study which was recently carried out to explore the possibility of combining Virtual Coaching (VC) – and more specifically the „Virtual Goal Attainment Coaching (VGA)”, “Virtual Problem-solving Coaching (VPC)” and “Virtual Decision-making Coaching (VDC)” modules – with  CoachingSpaces indicated that the two platforms are easily combined and complement each other well. The text-based tool Virtual Coaching (VC) follows a structured method to guide the client, which is balanced by the imagination and creativity that is enhanced through CoachingSpaces. Those who have worked with the two platforms might find that “learnings from either tool can then be transferred to the other, which helps generate additional insights and next actions steps”.

3. JournalEngine forum

JournalEngine is an online journaling platform which is designed for coaches and entrepreneurs. It  helps clients stay emotionally engaged through journaling. Journals can be kept private. Alternatively access can be granted to the coach if clients wish to do so. The group discussed the advantages and challenges of the platform´s main feature, journaling.

Advantages that members recognized included that journaling:

  • is an excellent way to relieve stress
  •  allows clients to move forward and to overcome emotions
  • is a great way to stay in touch with clients between sessions

Challenges of journaling as perceived by participants referred to:

  • the difficulty of “getting into the routine of writing
  • clients sometimes resist journaling, not taking the time to write
  • sometimes it can be helpful to have a prompt as a topic starter.

Several suggestions were offered on how to start journaling and enjoy the benefits, such as letting go while writing, rather than having a preconceived expectation of the result. In addition, as it was suggested, rather than following a specific prescription for how to journal one should feel free to either use prompts for starting a topic or not.

The following additional resources were shared in this group: pinpoint


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