June 2014- Themes: The benefits of written communication

The articles that were shared in our e-coaching community this month referred to the use of web-based written communication in therapy and coaching. The benefits of written communication according to these articles may be summarized as:

In addition,  pre-determined written questions or tasks are considered by practitioners and researchers to be valuable:

  • Pre-determined written tasks have been found efffective in online psychotherapy: A research report with the title “Psychotherapy via internet as good as if not better than face-to-face consultations” was shared in our community this month. The report describes an experiment that was conducted by the University of Zurich (2013) and compared face-to-face with online text-based psychotherapy (the latter involved a pre-determined written task per therapy unit). A sample of 62 patients were randomly assigned to one of two conditions and the findings demonstrated that online therapy can be an effective mode of psychotherapy.



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