Themes – September 2014

This month in our e-coaching community we discussed:

  1. RoboCoach, quo vadis? A dissertation by Luc Scheer focused on technology´s influence on coaching practice.
  2. ProReal software updates. The virtual reality software ProReal has new updates.

development 1

1. RoboCoach, quo vadis?

This paper was written by Luc Scheer and has been published by ICN Business School in Nancy, France. In his dissertation, Luc Scheer analyzed the different types and patterns of change that have an effect on coaching practice. These changes concern:

  1. communication technology extending the potential of face-to-face coaching
  2. new resources becoming available and changing coaching practice due to scientific and technological advances
  3. and the observation that software has the potential to replace the human coach.

The observation of these changes leads Luc Scheer to predict the further growth of technology-based coaching.

proreal-12. ProReal software updates. 

The ProReal software has new updates, which include:

  • Additional positive postures.
  • Emoticons.
  • Additional props. These include:

Fire: Fire, according to David Tinker, may remind “a gathering place for deep reflection”, or it may have other meanings such as, “transformation, purification, life-giving, inspiration, enlightenment, the heart”.

Gravestone: Gravestone, may symbolize the part of the person “that is dead”, or “the end of something”, “an old way of thinking”, “the spirit of someone or something that is no longer present”.

Milestone: Milestones can be used for a journey to mark steps that have already been made.

Mirror: A mirror is used for “truth, self-realization, the divine truth, gateway to another realm”. Questions to ask when using the mirror may be, according to David Tinker:

  • “When you look in the mirror who/what do you see?”
  • “What would the mirror say?”
  • “Who in the team holds up the mirror?”

Shield: The shield symbolizes protecting or sheltering. In addition, it can be used to represent “the hero”, feeling “defended” or it is “where the person states what he/she stands for”.

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