October 2014 – Themes

A dissertation on web-based coaching by Yuriy Taranovych.

A doctoral dissertation by Yuriy Taranovych with the title “Web Based Project Coaching: Requirements, Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Online Coaching Services” was completed in 2011 and was published in 2013. The aim of this research was firstly, to investigate the specific requirements and to design an online coaching platform for IT project management. Secondly, this research aimed to implement the designed coaching platform “WebCo@ch” in IT projects and to evaluate it, in order to understand its value and its limitations.

The platform WebCo@ch consisted of:

  • different materials – such as, coaching guides
  • different tools – such as, project analysis tools, a discussion forum, a document library
  • and different “rooms” – such as, myWebCo@ch and MeetingPoint, depending on the project context.

To evaluate the platform, data was gathered through log files, which were created automatically by the web server and which tracked the intensity of the platform´s usage by 49 coaches and 28 coachees, who had registered on the platform. In addition, data was collected through semi-structured interviews and online surveys with an evaluation team. The findings suggested that WebCo@ch supported coaching for project management via the internet, and provided recommendations for designing web-based coaching platforms.

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