An updated list of coaching-specific online tools

The online community “E-coaching: A dialogue between researchers and practitioners” has been sharing content related to coaching through technology for the last 5 years. Back in 2014, participants of this community shared 21 different coaching-specific software, which I gathered in a previous post of this blog. Today, the list of coaching software available has grown significantly. In this post, I provide an updated list of coaching-specific online tools that are available in English with short descriptions for each tool. To analyze the commonalities and differences between these tools, I consider the following 9 criteria:

  • Software type: Is the tool a desktop or a mobile (iOS/ Android/iPad) application?
  • Function: Is the tool designed for delivering coaching content or as an administrative support to managing coaching engagements?
  • Coaching context: Is the tool designed for use in a life coaching or a business coaching context?
  • Coaching engagement: Is the tool designed for use in coach-facilitated processes or as a self-coaching program?
  • Content element: Is the content text-based or visual? Text-based tools are typically comprised of written coaching questions, which the client reflects upon and answers in written. Visual coaching tools are available in the form of virtual worlds or virtual constellations for systemic work. Some text-based tools may also include visual content (e.g. images) and vice versa.
  • Synchronicity: Is the tool designed to accompany coaching sessions synchronously or as an asynchronous support to bridge the time in-between sessions?
  • Content structure: Does the tool contain pre-structured content or is it an authoring tool for the coach to create their own content? Visual tools tend to be pre-structured, but customizable to the extent that clients can change for ex. the size, colour and position of objects and avatars to express their story.
  • Feature complexity: Does the software have one main feature or a compilation of tools?
  • Extent of independent use: Can the tool be used independently as a stand-alone tool to facilitate the coaching process or is it designed as a support tool to enhance the communication between coach and client?

Use this link: S. Kanatouri – Coaching software 2017 to open the table below as a pdf.

S. Kanatouri - Coachingsoftware 2017

Below, I provide short descriptions for each tool and a link for downloading. I divide the list into: (1) mobile apps, (2) text-based tools, and (3) visual tools

(1) Coaching apps

Beyond Expectations NLP

The Beyond Expectations self-coaching mobile phone app contains a four-month course with weekly narrative NLP life coaching exercises. The aim of this app is to help individuals release themselves from expectations that hold them back, change their habits and discover their strengths.

Breeth-DIY coaching

The Breeth-DIY self-coaching mobile phone app supports individuals who are in a charged emotional state. Coachees may select the emotion they are experiencing out of a list of emotions and they may rate how strong their experienced emotion is on a scale of 0-10 with the help of a slider. The app also provides a list of images to choose from, to represent one´s emotional state. The app aims to help coachees lower their emotional intensity and provides them the space to reflect and decide on their next action steps. Action steps can be saved and texted or emailed to oneself.

CAI Problem solution

CAI Problem Solution is a self-coaching mobile app provided by CAI® World. The app contains coaching questions that aim to lead coachees to finding solutions to their problems. Sessions can be saved and results can be emailed.

CAI Attentiveness Week and CAI Attentiveness Month

CAI Attentiveness Week and CAI Attentiveness Month are two similar self-coaching mobile apps by CAI® World. These apps aim to improve self-management and self-awareness when dealing with other people, to prevent or reduce stress and to improve attentiveness. They contain a selection of images along with a coaching exercise for every day of the week or every day of the month, respectively. Coachees can complete the exercises in written and email them.

CAI Resource Wheel

CAI Resource Wheel by CAI® World is a self-coaching mobile app that supports coachees in reflecting upon their own resources. Coachees can type in their resources on the provided resource wheel and they can activate the resource they currently need most. The wheel can be saved and emailed.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching is a free mobile app, which contains video resources about preparing a resume, searching for work, and preparing for job interviews. These resources are delivered in a series of step-by-step modules.The app also has an in-built text-chat function for one-on-one communication with a coach and it allows to schedule coaching sessions.

Coaching Spaces app

The Coaching Spaces iOS and iPad app is used for making constellations to accompany coaching processes. The app provides a selection of customizable objects, symbols and figures for clients to place on a platform in order to express their thoughts and emotions. Constellations can be viewed from a 1st or 3rd person perspective, they can be saved and edited, and they can be discussed with the coach via synchronous text-chat or video communication. Coaching

The Coaching app provides free support in tracking one´s personal goals. Coachees set a goal or goals that fall within pre-set categories provided in the app such as, personal growth, skill improvement, and relationships. Each of the categories contains suggested ways of keeping track of one´s progress. The app offers the option to choose when and how often one wishes to work on their goal, to set reminders, to view weekly and monthly trends of progress, and to choose whether one wants to work with a coach, and whether one´s goal is kept private or is made public. By making a goal public, one can find other people working on a similar goal and to ask the group questions regarding the goal. By choosing to work with a coach, coaching is delivered via text-chat that is built-in the app.

Cognitive Coaching

The Cognitive Coaching app provides a log for coaches to type in and save session notes, and to add text and video resources for planning, reflecting and problem-solving conversations. It can also be used for self-coaching, as it includes self-assessments for one´s state of mind and presentation skills.

Cylient Coaching Moments®

Coaching Moments® is a self-coaching mobile phone and iPad app that provides pre-set written coaching questions to address issues, such as coping with difficult behavior and coaching colleagues in a business context, as well as relevant audio resources. The app allows to write or to audio record and save reflections and notes.


The GoalsOnTrack self-coaching app uses the SMART coaching model to support personal or professional goal attainment. Coachees may type in their goal and add a description to it, add an image from the images available within the app, set a deadline, and an indication of what can be the measurable result when the goal is achieved. In addition, a coaching journal can be kept to write down reflections on the goal or goals. The app also allows to visualize progress as relevant tasks are completed in 3D charts and to monitor the frequency of performing different tasks to achieve a goal.

Goal Setting App

Goal Setting is a self-coaching app, which uses the TGROW model (variation of the GROW model adapted by Myles Downey) to support coachees in managing their personal goals. The app provides 45 text-based goal-setting exercises to support coachees in setting a goal, breaking their goal into tasks, reflecting on the different options available to complete the tasks, and time management. It also allows to schedule tasks and monitor progress.


 iBreak Out is a self-coaching app for decision-making in life situations, which provides sets of pre-determined questions and the option to create an action plan.

iPlanJournal Life Coach

iPlan Journal Life Coach is a coaching app using the GROW model. It can be used for self-coaching or as a log for the coach. It allows to select a coaching topic and to type in a personal goal, note down the current situation, the challenges preventing from reaching the goal, relevant resources, and steps of action. The app also allows to create deadlines and set priorities, which are then automatically added to one´s calender.


LeaderAmp is a mobile application that aims to enhance leader development. Users begin by completing a self-assessment and a 360° assessment and by setting goals and a schedule to work on their goals. They receive daily AI coaching content. In addition, the app allows to keep a journal by using text or voice-to-text, and it offers the option of asynchronous text-chat with a human coach in-between sessions.

Perissos Life App

The Perissos Life self-coaching app allows to set goals and priorities. It provides the option to select six life aspects – family, education, professional, health, spiritual, social – or add a new area, and to insert images for inspiration. Users can set goals for each aspect, schedule specific tasks and set priorities. The app generates a report to visualize how much time is spent on each task.


The Remente app aims to support individuals in attaining personal goals. It provides a self-assessment tool to self-rate different aspects of one´s life and a goal setting guide to help in identifying goals. The app allows to set long-term goals and to plan daily tasks. It also provides a journal to reflect on one´s own emotions and mood, and several text-based resources about topics that include time and stress management, productivity and efficiency, mindfulness, motivation, and decision-making.

Scaling Board App

The Scaling Board App can be used by coaches to support their clients with text-based rating questions. The app provides four 1-10 scales with sliders, each of which can be labeled with a coaching question that the coach types in above each scale. Scales may also be reset and questions can be edited. The scaling questions can be emailed to the client.

Success-Daily Life Planner & Goal Setting Coach

This goal-attainment app provides users the option to self-rate different aspects of their life and to determine which areas need to be improved. Users describe in written how they envision their life in three years. Subsequently, they determine their long-term goals, and they specify 2-3 goals that are likely to have an impact on their life over the next three years. The app provides pre-set questions for coachees to analyze their perceived obstacles to these goals and their perceived significance to them, to set a measure for determining that the goal has been achieved, and to set a deadline for completion. As a next step, coachees set their short, and mid-term goals, a list of activities and routines necessary to complete these goals. The app also includes a journal to capture reflections and ideas, and it generates a weekly report to visualize progress.

The Coaching App

The Coaching App™ is a free leadership coaching mobile phone and iPad app that can be used for individuals, or for inspiring a team and it includes a leadership learning journal, a coaching journal for working with the coach, and a coaching log to track activity.


ThinkPal is a self-coaching mobile app. It involves pre-determined written question sets to choose from topics such as, workplace communication, personal relationships, and work/life balance. It also provides audio resources and self-assessment tools, such as the wheel of life, or a professional wheel or a customized wheel. The app allows to write or to audio record one´s own reflections, which can then be saved and emailed.


Unmo is an app for speech coaching. Users begin by setting metrics, such as specific words they wish to avoid using in their speech, e.g. saying “um”. After pressing the record button in the app to record themselves speaking, the app generates a report to help in analyzing speech.


WorkOnIT uses the SMART coaching model to support coachees´goal-attainment. The app allows users to select from 75 pre-defined goals in the areas of personal growth, well-being, developing a business, sales improvement, and developing others, or to create a new goal. By making a goal public, friends and colleagues may be invited to provide feedback and encouragement. The app allows to add images, to track progress and to determine the frequency of activities carried out towards accomplishing the goal.

(2) Desktop applications: Text-based tools


CoachAccountable can be used to set coaching goals, to develop action plans, to set reminders and use metrics to document progress. It incorporates asynchronous communication through an in-built email system, and offers a shared repository for coaching session plans. Moreover, it allows the entry of notes, coaching assignments and journaling, all of which are shared by both, coach and client. CoachAccountable also supports coaches in organizing, securely storing and having easy access to the information they have about their coaching clients.

Coaching Cloud®

CoachingCloud® supports synchronous text-based communication and it can also be used asynchronously to support clients between sessions, by helping them to manage their goals, activities and outcomes. In addition, the platform offers mentors and coaches the option to book their sessions, add and save session notes, view clients´ goals and outcomes and create online coaching modules.


Coachfox is an online platform that aims to support individuals with issues such as, stress, leadership, work-life balance, career development, decision-making, time management, conflict and several more. Coachees may select from a pool of coaches on the Coachfox website, based on their profile, field of expertise, skills and fee, and schedule a free 15-minute initial test call. The platform allows to schedule subsequent coaching sessions, which typically last 45 minutes and are delivered via the integrated and encrypted video conferencing. Payments are also handled on the platform.

Coaching Logic®

The Coaching Logic® platform is used to manage coaching processes by allowing to store contacts and client data, and to schedule meetings. The platform also allows to save clients´ goals and related documents to their goals, and to add resources and coaching questionnaires for the clients.

Coach Logix

Coach Logix  is a platform for managing coaching processes, as it allows to store contacts, track payments, save client data and schedule meetings. The platform also offers the option to capture and share session notes, to share coaching assignments, and resources. Clients can be invited to log in to the platform to view their progress, in the form of charts.


CoachMaster is a text-based tool based on the GROW model, which comprises of pre-determined question sets for different coaching topics. CoachMasteralso offers coaches the possibility to create and save their own coaching question sets.  The tool can be used synchronously, to facilitate text-based communication or to support telephone or video coaching. Alternatively, it can be used asynchronously, as a preparation of distance or face-to-face coaching sessions.

Coach Simple

The Coach Simple platform for life and business coaching is used asynchronously by coaches to capture client information and notes, and to document clients´goals. Both, the coach and client can use the software to track goals, actions and progress, using metrics and set priorities. The platform also enables coaches to create templates with coaching material, such as coaching tasks and exercises to distribute to multiple clients.


Enable is an online self-coaching tool, based on the Effective Coaching model by Myles Downey. It is composed of strings of questions that are linked, allowing the user to understand their situation, to imagine potential solutions, and to make decisions on the actions required for reaching the goal. The system offers a performance and a learning and development program, which can be configured to address specific needs. Enable can also be integrated into coaching with a coach.

GROW 360

Grow 360 is an online tool designed for use alongside coaching processes to support individual coaching clients´, employees´, and higher education program participants´ personal and professional development. Coachees use the tool to invite friends, family, colleagues to give them feedback. They may ask for either general feedback or feedback on a specific goal they are working on, and they can choose whether they wish feedback to be open or anonymous. The software summarizes all feedback in a report. Based on this, coachees identify and type in a development objective and they complete the written pre-set questions provided by the software and develop their action plan. The tool also offers book recommendations, articles and videos that are relevant to coachees´ development themes.


Jigsawboxis a platform designed for coaches to create coaching modules in text, audio or video form and to add text-based coaching questions for self-coaching. Alternatively, it can be used to deliver one-on-one asynchronous text-based coaching, or to complement one-one-one or group coaching processes, by providing clients with written coaching exercises to work through in-between sessions.

Journal Engine

Journal Engine is a tool for clients to write a journal, following the coach´s prompt. The platform can be used asynchronously for coaching individuals or for group coaching. Coaches using this platform typically send the client written questions, which the client answers with a journal entry. Clients may choose if they wish their entry to be private or to give the coach read permission. In addition to journaling, the tool allows to set goals and milestones, to upload audio and text files, to create surveys and courses and to send clients invitations to participate. JournalEngine also has an in-built function for sending out private messages to clients for scheduling telephone or face-to-face sessions, and it allows to import, edit and save a list of clients.


The insala® coaching software can be used by program adminstrators and by coaches to manage multiple coaching programs within an organization. It offers a matching tool to match coaches with coachees, it has an in-built email system and it allows to send notifications of goal due dates and approaching end-dates of the coaching process. Moreover, insala® allows to write session notes, to send out surveys for obtaining coachees´ feedback, and to upload files. insala®  may also be used by coachees to complete career assessments and exercises and to create a career plan.


Life Coach Hub

Life Coach Hub allows coachees to choose a coach based on reviews, recommendations and coaches´ profiles available in the platform and to book a first free phonecall with a coach and subsequent online coaching sessions. The directory of the platform includes life, business, career, health and wellness coaches and hypnotherapists. In addition, coaches can create and provide online text-based coaching packages. Life Coach Hub also allows coaches to manage client data, schedule sessions, automate notifications, send reminders, track clients´ progress and store billing information. Moreover, it allows coaches to send session preparation forms and to take session notes. Coachees may type in their goals and tasks, set milestones, take notes and track their own progress.

My coach site

My coach site is used by coaches to manage their client database,to schedule appointments and to interact with clients via text-based coaching portals, as well as to send synchronous and asynchronous text messages and video messages. Dropbox is integrated in the site for saving and sharing documents with clients. The also integrated Zoom and Skype allow audio and video communication with clients, which may be recorded, and coach and client can use a whiteboard during their conversation.



Pluform enables asynchronous text-based communication based on the ABC model (a coaching concept developed by the owners of eCoachPro), and synchronous text messages and video calls. Moreover, it offers pre-prepared coaching exercises and the possibility to create and share multimedia coaching content, and it includes a repository of relevant articles and videos to offer the client.


Qwikcoach is a workplace performance support tool for self-coaching. It offers text and video resources on how to cope with workplace challenging situations, with tips and quick answers to 14 workplace issues, among which, interpersonal conflict resolution, performance management, problem-solving, and effective communication.




Satori allows coaches to send emails, to accept and track online bookings and payments, to store client data, and to schedule sessions. It also allows to create online coaching packages and to send pre-session questionnaires.


The Coaches Console

The Coaches Console is a platform used for managing coaching processes. It allows to schedule appointments, send reminders, store invoices and client data, and to send out newsletter and private messages and text files to clients.

The Coaching Tools Company

The Coaching Tools Company offers over 80 coaching exercises, templates and tools for coaches, as well as a lot of free resources. These tools are intended as a support for coaches, and for clients to achieve their goals. The website includes tools for career coaching, life coaching, time-management, business coaching and tools for workshops.

The LearnScape

The LearnScape platform offers a learning eco-system or hub for learning and managing performance that combines asynchronous, text-based coaching with social collaboration and knowledge sharing. Text-based online coaching involves completing coaching assignments and exercises, capturing notes and tracking progress. Knowledge sharing and collaboration are facilitated through wikis, blogs, file sharing, discussion forums and microblogs.

Virtual Coaching (VC)

Virtual Coaching (VC) is a text-based tool designed to enhance telephone coaching. The tool consists of web-based sets of pre-determined written coaching questions, which can be used in a synchronous mode as a basis for a session, or in an asynchronous mode between sessions, thereby giving the client the opportunity to reflect. VC offers several coaching modules among which, goal attainment, decision-making, problem- solving, sales, leadership, transfer coaching, as well as self-coaching.


(3) Desktop applications: Visual tools

CAI® World

CAI® World provides options for audio, video and text-chat communication and desktop sharing. It also offers a variety of tools, among which, a whiteboard to structure and visualize thoughts, a sociogram for graphically representing social links, a constellation tool for describing a situation or for exploring solution scenarios, an image gallery, as well as a ‘resource tree’ to assign personal resources next to the different parts of the tree and an ‘inner team’ visual tool to express personal values, characteristics and inner voices. It includes 9 mobile applications that are available for smartphone and android tablet users.


CoachingSpaces is a virtual systemic constellation platform of 3D objects and avatars that can be given postures and captions. Through CoachingSpaces, clients can transform their thoughts to visual, three-dimensional representations by creating virtual constellations of figures and objects. Figures and objects are customizable in terms of their size and position, and constellations can be viewed from a 1st or a 3rd person perspective. Constellations are discussed via an integrated instant chat or video call with the coach. CoachingSpaces has also been adapted to support VR. Delightex (the founders of CoachingSpaces) conducted first experiments using Oculus Rift. Read more at: 

LPS Cocoon®

LPS Cocoon® is an interactive virtual constellation business coaching tool, which consists of consists of 13 symbolic, three-dimensional virtual sculptures in different shapes, that aim to support coaching clients in visualizing their thoughts and simulating their developmental process. LPS Cocoon® can be used during telephone or VoIP coaching sessions. The client version is a free download and the software exists in German and in English.


ProReal, is a 3D virtual world designed for coaches, consultants and therapists. It involves the use of plain, androgynous avatars, which are customizable in terms of their color and size, and they can be given different postures and captions to express their emotional states. The platform also offers a metaphoric landscape and a variety of props, such as a clock, a key, a wall etc. in which, clients can visually represent their situation. This virtual world supports the coaching process, as it provides a visual and dynamic element and allows the distance coach to gain further insights into the client´s issue.




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