E-coaching- coaching delivered through technological modalities ( telephone, email, video conferencing, and web-based “tools”)  –  is becoming increasingly popular as it offers undeniable benefits, such as flexibility, time and cost effectiveness. Research in e-coaching on the other hand is scarce. Noticing this gap between e-coaching research and practice led me to create the group E-Coaching: A dialogue between researchers and pracititioners  on the professional networking platform Linkedin. In this group, members engage in discussions and exchange ideas, knowledge and information relating to e-coaching. Learning through dialogue can be enhanced by maintaining an overview of the shared knowledge.  My aim through this blog is to add value for members of this LinkedIn group, by managing the knowledge which is shared through these informal LinkedIn discussions. My second aim is to build a knowledge base around e-coaching, which stores themes relating to e-coaching research, new technologies and tools which are used to enriched e-coaching practice, as well as conceptual issues surrounding e-coaching. This blog contains 2 types of posts:

  • “Knowledge Themes”: Summaries of our LinkedIn group discussions, posted to this blog on a monthly basis    &
  • “Articles”: Monthly articles written by members of the LinkedIn group to present research results, practical approaches, conceptual views or new technologies and tools, used in e-coaching practice.

stella a

Stella Kanatouri works at the Helmut-Schmidt University in Hamburg, in the Faculty of General Education and Organizational Learning. Her doctoral research focuses on the development of a Community of Practice around technology-assisted coaching.


One thought on “About

  1. Interesting, and you know who I am! Although I coach a few people, using Skype, I am still trying to figure out what “coaching” means. I keep wondering, because I use a variety of modalities during most sessions, including psychotherapy. So, sometimes it’s therapy, and sometimes not. Perhaps, it simply means “helping people to achieve specific objectives”. I’m still not sure


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