An updated list of coaching-specific online tools

In this post you´ll find an overview of online tools for coaching. Desktop and mobile applications, text-based and visual content. Continue reading


Coaching in VR

 With VR headsets such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive – as well as more affordable headsets, for instance GearVR – becoming available for commercial use, VR immersive experiences are finally becoming more accessible. It is not unprecedented that VR technology is beginning to be … Continue reading

Bridging Learning Ecosystems and E-coaching for Mastery, by Katja Schipperheijn and Matt Poepsel, PhD

Recently, we wrote a blog post (“From data repository to collaboration platform and bridging the knowledge gap”) that described how a range of IT infrastructures are being used to stimulate the flow of knowledge in organizations. In that blog post, … Continue reading

The Power of JournalEngine™: Journaling Meets Coaching , by Kim Ades

For centuries people have used the journaling process for a myriad of reasons: to stimulate a healthier mind and body; to vent and express thoughts and feelings in a healthy, constructive manner; for increased self-awareness; to document life experiences; even … Continue reading

LPScocoon®: A virtual constellation tool to enhance e-coaching

LPScocoon®: A virtual constellation tool to enhance e-coaching by Christiane Grabow LPScocoon® is a coaching tool, which enables coaching clients to visualize their thoughts and to simulate their developmental process. This simulation tool is designed for use in business contexts. … Continue reading