October 2014 – Themes

A dissertation on web-based coaching by Yuriy Taranovych. A doctoral dissertation by Yuriy Taranovych with the title “Web Based Project Coaching: Requirements, Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Online Coaching Services” was completed in 2011 and was published in 2013. The … Continue reading

E-coaching Community: What have we learnt over 2 years?

Our LinkedIn community ‘E-coaching: A dialogue between practitioners and researchers’ has existed for 2 years. It has grown to nearly 800 members who represent over 40 different countries. The community consists of 6 new sub-forums: CoachMaster™ forum CoachingSpaces forum Covocative … Continue reading

June 2014- Themes: The benefits of written communication

The articles that were shared in our e-coaching community this month referred to the use of web-based written communication in therapy and coaching. The benefits of written communication according to these articles may be summarized as: Flexibility: the client can … Continue reading

April 2014- Themes: Mapping out the technological options for distance coaching

  Telephone and Skype may well be the most commonly used technologies by distance coaches. Through our e-coaching community however, we ´ve discovered the existence of numerous technologies that are available today and that can be used to deliver coaching over distance or to … Continue reading

February 2014 – Themes

Issues around virtual worlds for coaching and specialized training for delivering e-coaching were raised this month in the community “E-coaching: A dialogue between researchers and practitioners”. 1. Virtual worlds. The time factor: “The biggest issue with virtual worlds is the … Continue reading