Online course in coaching through modern media

A new free online course with the title “Coaching through modern media” is currently offered by Prof. Dr. Harald Geißler in cooperation with the Helmut-Schmidt University (Hamburg). This course – available on UTube –  offers a thorough overview and interesting … Continue reading

September 2013 Themes

A positive forecast for e-coaching. Members of our e-coaching community forecast an increase in e-coaching. E-coaching according to our members, will become the preferred choice “of mentoring for Small Business Enterprises and coaches” and of “enterprises who are facing a talent shortage and … Continue reading

E-Coaching community: What have we learnt in a year? – Theme 7- Literature references

References to e-coaching/ e-mentoring literature shared in the group or written for and posted in the Community of Practice platforms and  are listed below: References. Anthony, K. & Nagel, D. (2012). A brave new world: Coaching online. Coaching … Continue reading

E-Coaching community- What have we learnt in a year?

While e-coaching practice is growing, research is lacking behind. Our online learning community is bridging the gap between e-coaching practice and research and is building up a knowledge base around e-coaching. The Linkedin Group: “E-Coaching: A dialogue between researchers and … Continue reading